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We offer over 20 years experience in the Atari ST, from programming, development to hardware refurbishment and software supply

With a wealth of Atari ST experience and knowledge, I put it to good use in servicing, repairing, upgrading and supplying replacement Atari ST parts to help keep the community alive.

We stock and refurbish the following Atari ST items:-

  • Atari TT, Falcon, ST, STE, STF and STFM computers
  • Internal power supplies
  • Floppy disk drives
  • Brand new Sony replacement floppy drives
  • External floppy drives
  • Motherboards
  • Memory upgrades
  • TOS v2.06 upgrades (and other versions)
  • Mice and joysticks
  • Software (games and applications)
  • Ready to use UltraSatan bootable SD cards
  • Blank, formatted and verified error free floppy disks
  • We will purchase any kind of Atari ST hardware, software and systems.

    "Thanks for the amazingly quick response in repairing and servicing my Atari! Brilliant work!", Larry.

    "Hi John!

    *Thank You* for the Atari! I finally got a chance to have a good look through, everything is so clean, it's the closest I can imagine to a new Atari without actually using a Time Machine...;-)

    I know that my partner Steve is going to be thrilled - it's going to be a central character in our Christmas!

    Many thanks again for your help, expertise, and the lovely, lovely product! Merry Christmas to you and yours,

    All the best,

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